A passion for clean eating and the environment led Judit Beres to jump-start a new career. Beres left a clinical research job in 2015 and launched Neomega Nutritionals to start a “food revolution” through nutritious products. Her business sells a variety of avocado oils while providing recipes and nutrition information to clientele. 

My successes. 

Beres uses local ingredients and manufactures her products in nearby Hillsborough, N.C., whenever possible. This farm-to-table approach supports the local economy, cuts down on environmental costs, and keeps the corporate focus on issues of sustainability. Neomega Nutritionals products can be found in select Harris Teeter, Harmony Farms Health Food Stores, and Weaver Street Market locations.

How SCORE helped. 

Beres worked with her SCORE mentor, Alan Fenwick, to apply for grants. Fenwick also advised her on issues regarding financial planning, forecasting, cash flow, and market research. “My SCORE mentor worked with me patiently and gave me his educated opinion,” she says.

Her advice to entrepreneurs is to, “Do your research first, check your market ... know who your competitors are, and how you will differentiate yourself from what is already offered.”

Neomega Nutritionals, LLC