My successes. 

Solita Denard’s business success is rooted in her ability to recognize how the nine areas of health are interconnected. She assists clients in navigating those nine areas by exploring the client’s relationship with their environment and helping them clarify and prioritize the steps necessary to reach their goals. In the process she helps them create a personalized roadmap to achieving better health.  

While medical professionals tell patients what they need to do, Solita helps them with how in a way that boosts their confidence and self-esteem and improves their likelihood of success. Best of all, when unforeseen challenges threaten to derail a client’s progress, she provides a safety net to help them recalibrate, establish more manageable interim goals, and restore momentum toward ultimately hitting their objective.

What inspired you to start your business? 

Solita Denard has been a coach throughout her entire 20-year career, but when a weather-related car accident left her with traumatic injuries and a long road to recovery, she discovered that once you’re not in critical condition anymore it’s easy to get lost in the health care system and become a number, with well-meaning health care providers making decisions about your medical care and recovery without any input from you. That frustration led Solita to learn about the emerging field of integrative health coaching and pivot her career. She now helps patients find their voice and tap into their own wisdom as it relates to their personal health through Health Integration 629, LLC.

How SCORE helped. 

Researching startup information on the Internet was overwhelming says Solita. She credits SCORE mentors Ruth Benton and John Steffan with helping her get “super clear” about what steps need to happen first and fast-tracking the launch of her business.

Solita particularly appreciates the feedback she got on the business model canvas she created for Health Integration 629. She also treasures the meeting summaries she receives after each mentoring session. The summaries are “an invaluable resource” she says for staying on track in between meetings with Ruth and John because “you can’t always remember everything that was said.”

“I literally ran into SCORE just doing an Internet search and one thing led to another. When I put my name in, I had no idea that I would be getting such valuable knowledge that I would have probably paid thousands of dollars for otherwise.”

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