Employees are a critical element in conveying your business brand. It's your job to make sure they understand the value and importance of representing your small business.

Complete this checklist with each employee to ensure that he or she understands how to represent your business’s brand to prospects and customers.

Understand the Brand

  • What is your business’s brand positioning statement (the unique attributes that differentiate your brand from the competition)?
  • What is your business’s vision statement (your ultimate goal or vision for your business)?
  • What is your business’s mission statement (your ongoing mission)?
  • What are your business’s brand values (i.e., friendliness, sophistication, affordability, convenience)?

Convey the Brand

  • How does this employee benefit from conveying the brand (i.e., new customers, increased sales, bonuses)?
  • What is this employee’s role in conveying the brand? (This is especially important for employees in non-customer-facing jobs to understand.)
  • What marketing materials are available to this employee, and how they should be used? (These may include business cards, email signatures, company stationery, brochures, business cards, logo, etc.)
  • What rules should this employee follow when interacting with customers in the following formats?
    • Greetings (phone, email, text/chat, in-person)
    • Social Media
    • Customer complaints, questions or problems
  • What rules for physical appearance must this employee follow to support the brand?
    • Uniform/dress code
    • Personal grooming
    • Name tags

Monitor the Brand

  • How (and how regularly) will employees’ success in understanding and promoting the brand be assessed? (This might include daily checkpoints, weekly meetings, annual reviews, etc.)
  • How are employees reinforced and rewarded for conveying the brand? (Awards, recognition, etc.)
  • What ongoing training will be provided to support the brand? (Departmental meetings, company-wide meetings, regular emails, etc.)
  • How are employees encouraged to provide feedback on the brand? (For example, what should employees do if they have new ideas for building the brand or spot inconsistencies in the brand?)

Download the checklist to answer all questions.

Small business employees working at checkout of cafe