The national headquarters of SCORE periodically surveys newly mentored clients seeking their opinion of their first mentoring session. The following comments were recently registered by SCORE Chapel Hill Durham clients.

"I am very happy with my experience so far. Score's website also offers great tools and online workshops which are very helpful."

"We are still in disbelief that this is a free service. Such an amazing job you all are doing!"

"I believe both the mentors knew what they are doing and they are committed to the entrepreneurs welfare and want him to go forward with caution.

"The Score mentor offers excellent advice and help, and he genuinely cares about helping our business to succeed. Everyone should use this service!"

"I think that the service is very unique and like no other. Therefore, whatever someone can take from it is useful. As a free service, I'm more likely to use it and I hope that my investment in time yields positive results. I'm interested in having more sessions to get to know one volunteer better."

"I appreciate the information given because it allowed me to view my business differently."

"I am not alone in this process of starting my business. I feel like I have a personal college professor at my side at all times. As long as I do the work and listen to Chris my chances for success are extremely high."

"My mentor is extremely knowledgeable and good at explaining business pro formas."

"There seems to be a level of expertise that is readily available."

"The mentors were both fantastic resources. They listened well, challenged me, and gave enormous amounts of specific advice and recommendations."